Global Citizens Assignment

Global Citizens Assignment: Social Institutions, Social Structures, and SocialStratification.This assignment is designed to help students become familiar with aspects ofsocioeconomic inequality and the role social institutions and social structures play inperpetuating these inequalities. It addresses learning goals of critical thinking, inquiry-basedlearning, human and cultural diversity, and ethical perspectives.Step 1: Think critically about the readings, notes, and class discussions about stratification andstructures of inequality.Step 2: Explore the website, an interactive web-based platform thatsimulates the experiences of individuals trying to live “paycheck-to-paycheck.” It isrecommended that you go through the simulation at LEAST twice to see if you can make itthrough the month with any money left over.Step 3: Reflect on the experience. Be sure to not only discuss the outcome of your game but alsoinclude the scenarios presented to you as well as the decisions that you made as you navigatedthe simulation. Here, it is crucial to include discussions of social institutions and social structuresand their role in perpetuating socioeconomic stratification.Step 4: Reflect on your experience in light of your understanding of relative vs absolutepoverty.Step 5: Generate a report summarizing your findings. Minimum length is 3 double-spaced pageswith normal font (Times New Roman, 12 pt.) and margins (1”).Submit online as a .doc, .docx,or .pdf file ONLY. Do NOT use the text entry option. Attach your file, from your computer.Click on the title of the assignment to submit.Grading Rubric (what I’m looking for):1. Follow all instructions (Minimum 3 FULL double-spaced pages (no max), normal 12 pt. font,normal margins, submit file as instructed above).Approx ~1200 words.2. The majority of the paper should be a detailed description of the questions you were asked inthe simulation, and the decisions you made, and why.3. You should also include a few paragraphs defining absolute vs relative poverty and discussingwhich of these seems most relevant to the simulation. What did you learn from this simulation?Describe.4. Your writing should be clear, coherent, and grammatically correct. Informal style (use of “I”and active voice), is encouraged.NOTE: Paper should be IN YOUR OWN WORDS. If you quote from any source, including thewebsite or our textbook, be sure and indicate that with quotation marks and proper citation.Your submission may be processed through a plagiarism checker software. If you have anyquestions about what counts as plagiarism, please let me know.

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