PSY 325/Buckner-Matsumoto and Juang text

READING RESPONSE Guidelines (MATSUMOTO AND JUANG TEXT)PSY 325 / BucknerChapter Reading ResponsesYou will write reading responses (RRs) for FIVE of the chapters assigned in Matsumoto and Juang’sCulture and Psychology textbook. Each of these responses is worth 10 points. Guidelines for writingyour RRs follow.• Although you should read all of the assigned chapters from the Matsumoto and Juang text, youare required to write only 5 RRs during the semester (you choose which 5 chapters you do).• RRs must be typed and should be posted to Canvas by the beginning of class time on the duedate specified in the Course Schedule section of the syllabus.• Each RR should be approximately 1-2 pages in length (single-spaced). Though you shouldwrite in complete sentences, it is fine to use a bulleted format.These responses are not formalessays or papers.• Each RR should include the following:o A description of the three points or concepts in the chapter that you found mostinteresting or important(it is best to paraphrase here, but be sure to use quotationmarks if you are including exact wording from your textbook);o An explanation for why you found each point to be interesting or important; ando A description of how each point can be connected to some external material, such asother material from PSY 325 (outside of the chapter currently being reviewed), specificmaterial from another course, a current news event or a real-world event, or a personalexperience (by personal experience, I mean something that has happened to you, a friend,or a family member). You should make one external connection per interesting point thatyou include in your RR, andyou are only allowed to have one of your three externalconnections be to a personal experience. Note that a) you will be evaluated on thequality of reflection that you put into these external connections and b) the morespecific your external connections, the better.• In terms of organization, it works best to deal with one main textbook point at a time, discussingall three of the above elements for each point you highlight before moving on to the next point.• You must specify the page numbers in the Matsumoto and Juang chapter where each of theimportant points you include in your RR can be found.• Helpful Hint: As you read each text chapter, take notes. If you jot down ideas or questions thatcome to mind while reading, it will be easier to write your RR.• If you miss class on the day that an RR is due, you must submit it to Canvas by the beginningof class time in order to avoid a late penalty(see syllabus for late work policy).

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