Financial Information

This part of the assessment allows you to demonstrate and reinforce your knowledge of business accounting terminology by transferring what is in your head onto paper.
For this assessment, use the Assessment 4, Part 2 Template to record your answers to the following short-answer questions designed to test your recall of accounting fundamentals.
Define the internal and external users of accounting data. What data would each group most likely want to review? Provide examples of each user type.
Describe the role ethics plays in the operation of an accounting system. Include a couple of examples.
Select three among the several accounting conventions prescribed by law, regulators, and accounting organizations. For each selection, describe its purpose and provide an example of how it would be applied to an accounting system.
Describe each of the three main financial statements—the end products of the work that takes place in an accounting system over a period of time—studied in the course. What does each statement present? Why is it important to prepare these? Who uses the information in the statements? Describe the interrelationship among the three statements.
Discuss the rules of debit and credit as apply to each of the account types that would appear on a company’s balance sheet and income statement. Identify the normal balance for each account type and provide an example event for each. Analyzing business events requires the accountant to make several judgments about the facts contained in the event.


FYRE: The Greatest Part That Never Happened-What were the information technology issues raised during this documentary?


Watch the Netflix documentary “FYRE: The Greatest Part That Never Happened” (the Hulu version is acceptable as well). Write and submit a word document (minimum on one page of content, single-spaced, full block format)
·         What were the information technology issues raised during this documentary?
·         What were the differences, including staff structure, of the App side of the business versus the Festival side?
·         How did social media impact this event?
·         Should social media influences be held responsible for what they promote and do they have a “duty” to inform followers when they are being paid to advertise?
Please cite all sources using APA format and include a bibliography at the end of the document.

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Analyze Organizational Processes To Identify Information Systems Requirements

Analyze Organizational Processes To Identify Information Systems Requirements
Write my research paperBefore responding to this discussion, read both Requirements and Developing Requirements for an IT System assigned for Week 5.For your Stage 3 assignment, you will analyze the hiring process at Maryland Technology Consultants (MTC) to identify the essential requirements for the hiring system. For this discussion, you will practice analyzing processes to identify user requirements for a system to improve a process.Some students may still have difficulty identifying processes; be sure to refer to the Week 3 readings that describe various processes and review the Week 3 discussion. Keep in mind that a process is a set of specified steps to accomplish a task.This week’s discussion topic focuses on system requirements that need to be clearly written so that the people who are developing the system or evaluating a system for use can discern whether the requirements are met or not. The requirement statement:Group 1:1. Drawing from your own experience, select a process used at your place of work or in your interaction with an organization that you would like to see improved. Explain why you picked that process. 2. Imagine that a system is to be implemented (or an existing system improved) to make that process better and write five (5) user requirements that the system would need to satisfy. Each requirement is one sentence in length and addresses one thing the system must do. Here we are interested in user requirements – the activities the system must perform to support the identified process. We are not including system performance, quality or security requirements that express how the system would perform. Use the information above to create your requirements statements.Groups 2, 3, and 4: Reply to three different main postings. You are to critically evaluate all of the following as you reply:1. Should the process identified actually be considered a “process”? That is, does it meet the definition of “a set of specified steps to accomplish a task”? Why or why not?2. Do the requirements listed support the selected process?3. Are the requirements clearly stated such that system testers will be able to ascertain whether or not the requirement has been implemented? 4. Provide an example of a rewritten requirement that improves one of the user requirements using the information provided above. Remember – the Group 1 initial posting is due by Wednesday midnight; it should be about two short paragraphs in length, supported by external research, and it should be posted by clicking on “Start a New Thread”. These postings need to thoroughly respond to the questions and incorporate relevant research correctly. Please look at what has been posted by your classmates before choosing your examples, and then select something that has not yet been discussed, if possible. Let’s try to spread the discussion across as many examples as possible. Then members of Groups 2, 3, and 4 should reply to at least three different postings by other classmates before Sunday midnight. Responses to initial postings should be specific and assess whether the posting accurately and sufficiently addresses the questions asked in the discussion topic, and should incorporate relevant research correctly. Explain your assessment as to why the information is or is not correct and/or complete, providing correct information to enhance the discussion. Purchase the answer to view it


Write my research paper1. Conduct the necessary research to familiarize yourself with different organizations, associations, affiliates and accrediting agencies who can provide guidance on the implementation of information governance in the health care industry. Please summarize and explain the results of your research. 2. Develop in writing a detailed, step-by-step plan for an overall information governance plan at CITY GENERAL HOSPITAL. You may use diagrams, tables, and any other references that assist in the explanation of your information governance plan. However, you may NOT substitute your table or diagram for a complete narrative explanation. 3. Recall, the author of your text has repeatedly emphasized that above all else you must operate within the confines of the law. Assume CITY GENERAL HOSPITAL is located in Louisville, Kentucky. Conduct the necessary research to familiarize yourself with both the federal and state laws that will must be taken into consideration and/or which will have a direct impact on the health care industry, and therefore your organization’s information governance plan. You must be able to explain to your team members what these laws are, their sources, how they affect your organization, and what you will do to implement your information governance program within the confines of these laws. Please in writing provide a detailed explanation of the results of your search for legal information in a format that you would be able to hand out to your team members during your next meeting. Purchase the answer to view it

0.11 Healthcare Information Systems Standards In KSA

0.11 Healthcare Information Systems Standards In KSA
Write my research paperOutline:· Introduction· Team Selection· Documentation· Security Risk Analysis· Action Plan· Manage and Mitigate Risks· ConclusionPaper should include the following:· 3-5 pages in length, not including the title and reference pages.· 4-6 references cited in the assignment above the text. Remember, you must support your thinking/statements and prior knowledge with references; all facts must be supported; in-text references used throughout the assignment must be included in an APA-formatted reference list.· Be formatted according to the APA standards. Plagiarism free (less than 15%)Purchase the answer to view itPurchase the answer to view it


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Power Point Information Manangment

Power Point Information Manangment
Write my research paperScenario: Your organization has used a variety of collaboration systems developed by some project managers. Some of these systems were successful while others were not. Your organization has one unique challenge—many of your employees are staffed at other locations or work from home (telework). You would like to standardize the collaboration process to improve team communication for all company projects. In your presentation, you should include the elements listed below.Your presentation should be a minimum of seven slides in length (not counting the title and reference slides). Make sure to use images, graphics, and diagrams. Must Add speaker Notes to slides You can use an industry of your choosing or examples from your personal or professional experiences in developing this assignment. You can also use the resources in the Unit II Suggested Reading section to assist you with this assignment.Be sure to follow the 7×7 rule (i.e., there should be no more than 7 words per line and no more than 7 lines per slide). You are required to use speaker notes to discuss the bullet points on your slides. You must use at least two academic resources to support your presentation, and you must cite (in APA format) any information on your slides or in your speaker notes that came from these sources.Purchase the answer to view itPurchase the answer to view itPurchase the answer to view it

Synthesis Paper (All The Information Has To Be Taken And It Has To Be Sited From The Documents I Uploaded)

Synthesis Paper (All The Information Has To Be Taken And It Has To Be Sited From The Documents I Uploaded)
Write my research paperCoakley and Eitzen both make the case that sport is not a meritocracy, but that social class and social class relations stack the deck against those in the lower class (limit opportunity for success among those of the lower class). In response to the case that the two authors make, answer the following questions. Support your answers with information from the module readings or outside resources.1. In what ways does social class affect the opportunities for success in sport (in youth, college, and pro sports)? 2. How does the media substantiate the contention that sport is a meritocracy? Does the media promote or silence any of the stories of lower class athletes?3. Who benefits from the prevalence of the “rags to riches” narrative, and does (how does) the narrative sustain the power of those who dictate the organization of sport?If you disagree with Coakley and Eitzen, and believe that sport is a meritocracy (that opportunity and the positioning of athletes in the lower class is not affected, or is positively affected by the organization of sport), respond to each of the above questions with support for your contention. 3 to 4 pages Purchase the answer to view itPurchase the answer to view itPurchase the answer to view itPurchase the answer to view itPurchase the answer to view itPurchase the answer to view itPurchase the answer to view itPurchase the answer to view itPurchase the answer to view itPurchase the answer to view it