General Studies 420: Disability & Society- Assignment #3 Community Accessibility Evaluation

General Studies 420: Disability & Society
Spring 2019

As we have discussed in class there are many ways to make our community more inclusive and accessible. Unfortunately, accessibility is often an afterthought in the engineering, design, and building process of community environments. This results in the exclusion of people with disabilities in life activities that non-disabled people take for granted. The hope with this assignment is to open your eyes to the ways that our community can be accessible and inaccessible for people with disabilities, and the ways that we can be proactive in ensuring that accessibility features are present within our communities.

Examples of places you can evaluate:

Places of worship
Public events
Public buildings
Public parks and walkways
Local businesses
Tourist areas
Travel destinations

Respond to each question in detail to determine how this location is accessible or inaccessible to people with disabilities. (Remember: Accessibility is not only for those with visible disabilities, but also invisible disabilities such as heart conditions, anxiety disorders, etc.). You must include the question and your thorough response in full sentences, 12-point font, double spaced, with 1” margins. You must submit your assignment on Blackboard in a Microsoft Word Format. Email submissions will not be accepted.

Note: Grammatical errors that interfere with comprehension while grading will result in point losses on assignments.
For this assignment you will respond to the following questions on the topic of accessibility in the community:
Name and location of the public place you are evaluating. Give a description of the location. (1 pt)
Is it accessible to some people with disabilities more than others? If so, which group of people is it more accessible to? And which group of people with disabilities is it not accessible to? Explain why you have come to this conclusion. (2 pts)
If you could make this location more accessible what would you change, include, remove, or alter? Explain how and why.  (2 pts)

What are some features/qualities in this location that make it accessible? What barriers exist in this location that make accessibility more challenging? Are the features/qualities and barriers man-made in the current moment? Or are they part of the initial design? Explain. (2 pts)
Pictures are not included in your 3-page count and must be placed on the fourth page of your paper. You must include 4 pictures on page 4. (2 pts)

At this point in the course, you will also need to be extra conscious of using person-first language and respectful language in general when referring to people with disabilities. You will have an automatic point deduction if you use non-person-first language or use non-dignifying terminology (i.e., confined to a wheelchair, differently-abled, etc.). Refer to to Respectful Language Guidelines on Blackboard for guidance.

Hint: Things to consider as you answer the above questions:
Can a person who uses a wheelchair access all of the same areas that a non-disabled individual can access?
Are accessible alternatives clearly and visibly marked?
Are elevators and lifts in working order wherever there are stairs?
Are ramps located and angled in such a way that it is not overly burdensome for someone who uses a wheelchair to maneuver to them and on them?
Are the accessible alternatives comparable in distance such that the person using a wheelchair does not need to go far out of their way to arrive at the destination?
Are signs readable in Braille for people who are blind?
Are audio cues available for people who are blind (such as crosswalks)?
Are sign interpretation and/or closed captioning available for any audio or video features?
Are there enough accessible parking spots and are they actually accessible? If they are not accessible, is it because someone is parked in them illegally? Has someone put shopping carts or scooters or other obstacles in the spots?
Are there enough accessible walkways, curb cuts, and other accessibility features? If they are not accessible, is it because someone has blocked them/created barriers? Or is it due to poor design?
Do accessibility features that benefit people with disabilities also benefit those who do not have disabilities? If so, how?

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Society & Business

Jamie Ramos looked out her window at the early morning sky and gazed the small crowd below. The words and pictures on their posters were pretty tame this time she thought. The last protest group used pictures of tarred lungs, corpses, and other graphic photos to show the effects of smoking on a person’s internal organs. Their words were also hateful, so much so that the employees at the Unified Tobacco headquarters were afraid to walk in and out of the main building. Those who normally took smoking breaks on the back patio decided to skip the break and eat something instead at the company subsidized cafeteria. By midday, Unified hired extra security to escort employees in and out of the building to ensure that protesters followed the state guideline of stating at least 15 ft from the company entrance. The media picked up on the story and the photos and it caused quite a stir in the national press. 
At least this protest group seemed fairly reasonable. Late yesterday, a state court provided a reduced judgement to the family of a lifelong smoker, now deceased. This meant that unified was going to owe millions less than originally expected. The length and stress of the lawsuit had taken its toll, especially on top management, although all employees were certainly learning of a huge settlement, and then continuing on with the appeals process, emotions were wearing thin with the continued criticism. 
Jamie wondered what this day would bring. As the manager of the community relations, her job was to represent Unified in the community, manage the employee volunteer program, create a quarterly newsletter, serve on various boards related to social welfare, and community needs. The company’s foundation donated nearly $1.5 million a year to charities and causes. Over one-quarter of its employees volunteered ten hours a month in their communities. 
Jamie reported to a vice-president and was pleased with the career progress she had made since graduating from college 8 years earlier. Although some of her friends wondered out loud how she could work for a tobacco company, Jamie was steadfast in her belief that even a tobacco firm could contribute something meaningful to society. She had the chance to affect some of those contributions In her community relations role. 
Jamie’s phone rang and she took a call from her vice-president. The BP indicated that, although the protestors seemed relatively calm this time, he was not comfortable with their presence. Several employees had taped signs in office windows telling the protestors to “Go Away”. Other VPs had dropped by his office to discuss the protest and thought that the responsibility for handling these issues fell to his group. He went on to say that he needed Jamie’s help, and that the assistance of a few others, in formulating a plan to (1) deal with protest today and (2) strengthen the strategy for communicating the company’s message and goodwill in the future. Their meeting would begin in one hour, so Jamie had some time to sketch out her recommendations on both issues. What would you do?
Jamie has been asked organize a meeting to discuss the protest, strengthen community relations, and ensure the company’s message is conveyed to the public. 
1. What specific advice would you offer Jamie as preparations are made for the meeting?
2.  What items would you include on the agenda?
3. Who would you invite to the meeting? Explain your answer stating why.
4. Discuss the media coverage and potential long-term implications of the coverage.


ETST 001: Introduction to the Study of Race and Ethnicity- Is America a “color blind” society in which all of its citizens can fully participate with equal opportunity, or is it marred by individual, institutional, and systemic racial discrimination?

ETST 001: Introduction to the Study of Race and Ethnicity. Winter 2019.Final Examination Study GuideThe final exam is an in-class essay assignment during which you will write a response tothe question below.The final blue book exam will be held on Friday, March 22, from8:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m., in UNLH 1000.No index cards, notes, or readings are allowed. Allessays must be written in a large blue book. Do not write anything on or in your bluebook prior to the exam.Question:• Is America a “color blind” society in which all of its citizens can fullyparticipate with equal opportunity, or is it marred by individual,institutional, and systemic racial discrimination?Answer the above question by constructing a clear thesis.The thesis equals your mainclaim or assertion, along with supporting claims that make the overall argumentcompelling. To substantiate your argument and defend your position, you mustengage with a wide range of the required readings from weeks 6-10.Specifically, you must balance your analysis and your voice with a mix of interwovenkey quotes and paraphrasing. Refer to authors’ names in the body of the essay text(within sentences or in parentheses after sentences).There is no “correct” answer to thequestion, thus whether your position is politically left or right of center, or whether, forexample, you argue for improvement and progress over time, continued racialdiscrimination, an increased importance of class over race, or varying participation, youmust compose a persuasive essay by supporting your argument with the evidencepresented in the class materials. In this regard, you do not have to agree with the requiredauthors, but you must engage with their theoretical concepts and analytical conclusions.You may counter or dispute the authors’ claims to make an original point, advance yourargument, and support your point of view. You may also quote the lectures and films,but do not use any outside sources.There is no minimum or maximum quota for how many required course readings youmust incorporate; however, the best essays engage with awide range of respectivereadings, placing the authors in dialogue. Similarly, address each component of thequestion. Do not rehash your midterm essay, although you can expand on ideas from theearlier readings in addition to, but not in lieu of, the second half readings, by delvingdeeper into the course theories. There is no required or expected essay length.It may be helpful to consider: the influence of racial ideologies, from the turn of thetwentieth century through the early twenty-first century; inclusion, exclusion, and social,educational, and residential segregation; ethnicity and assimilation; white identity andcultural pluralism; race and politics; the post-Civil Rights period; multiculturalism.Institutional means institutions, like educational, governmental, or military institutions,while systemic means systems, like the legal, criminal justice, economic, or politicalsystem. Regarding the relationship between institutional and systemic, consider howslavery, as an institution, supported a particular system, the plantation economy; how theBureau of Indian Affairs, as an institution, supports the reservation system; and how theFederal Housing Administration, as an institution, supports the private real estate market.*Use the second page of this study guide as a general guideline.ETST 001 Bluebook Essay RubricCORE/RESPONSEEssay shows sustained engagement with the topic and consistent response to the assignment;Completely answers the question.THESISThesis is sound (i.e.; based on reasoning, accurate, thorough, substantial, forceful, strong, solidly constructed).Thesis is logical, focused, and specific (avoids generalizations).Argument (claim) is clearly explained.ORGANIZATIONEssay is thoughtfully organized and structured.There is an introduction, body, and conclusion.Introductory paragraph sets the context for the essay topic.There are topic and transition sentences.Essay organization represents a clear strategy for persuasion.Essay does not digress from central point—all material is relevant to supporting thesis.DEVELOPMENTArguments are lucid and consistently supported with evidence (text citations); Position is defended well.The central idea is developed through wisely chosen, appropriate, concrete details, persuasive points, insightful examples.Quotes deepen the essay discussion, and are set-up/introduced and incorporated seamlessly.The reader can follow the construction of argument.Argumentation guides the reader and propels the narrative forward.Paragraphs are organized, unified, and coherent—they each have a controlling idea to help further the thesis.Paragraphs flow smoothly together with effective transitions, and the essay presents a cohesive perspective.Each part of the essay builds upon the next to illuminate logical connections, implications, and relationships.Concluding paragraph is satisfying and convincing—brings all of the essay content together and “clinches” the argument.Tight, powerful conclusion ties together related strands developed in the body of the essay.CONTENT/ MASTERY OF IDEASDemonstrates proficiency in understanding by applying key concepts and relevant class material.Displays theoretical depth by unpacking complex ideas.Demonstrates the link between evidence and argument (explains the significance of evidence to claims and/or thesis).Essay contains more analysis than description and summary (shows rather than merely tells).Essay demonstrates excellent secondary research skills: comparison, contrast, and synthesis.

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Module Paper (Future Of Energy Business And Society) (3 Pages)

Module Paper (Future Of Energy Business And Society) (3 Pages)
Write my research paperWhat have you learned in this class? Briefly summarize the course. What are the essential elements you derived from the course? Remember, only include what you learned!How is this relevant to your workplace/other activities? Can you apply course learning to your immediate future?This should integrate not only principles learned in this class but how they relate to the MBA in Leadership program.Purchase the answer to view it

Culture And Society

Culture And Society
Write my research paperSocial Reform in the Gilded and Progressive ErasJacob Riis was a journalist and social reformer whose photographs of the poor in New York City in the late 19th century are legendary for their candor and grit. Do a search for the photographs of Jacob Riis (himself an immigrant). Many of his works can be found here.Riis and other reformers brought the plight of the poor, the immigrant, and the rural farmer to the forefront of politics at the turn of the 20th century. The cause of such conditions can be directly attributed to the growth of corporations and unregulated business practices during the late Industrial Revolution in the United States (1850–1900).In your Discussion Board post, choose 2 of the following topics:In 1 paragraph on each topic, answer the following questions with late 19th-century historical examples:You may include a photo by Riis representing the social issue you chose, if you wish, by copying and pasting the image URLs to your Discussion Board post. Purchase the answer to view it

Society Of The Friends Of Blacks “Abolition Of The Slave Trade,” Of The French Revolution

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Breaching A Norm In Society

Breaching A Norm In Society
Write my research paperMust be in APA formatMust be original and be able to be submitted into turnitin.comMust include a “Work Cited” pageDIRECTIONS: -What is the norm: Going to enjoy an R-rated movie-How the norm was broken: Taking an infant with you to the movies-How did you choose to breach this particular norm: As a mom, there have been times I’ve had no other option but to take my babies with me to places I wouldn’t normally take them.-What is the underlying value behind this norm: Many parents (especially single parents) are forced to forgo a social life because they have children-What were the reactions of others: Please include reactions of the movie goers to having an infant in a movie theater during an R-rated show. Were they upset? Understanding? Making snide comments? Etc.-How did you understand the reactions sociologically: ??-What was your personal reaction to breaching the norm: My reaction is although I understand why most people would rather not have to be in a theater with a baby, it is my right to go and take my infant with me. As long as I respect others and do everything to keep the baby quiet, there shouldn’t be any issues-What are your reflections for why this type of exercise is important: ??-MUST INCLUDE the sociological perspective CONFLICT THEORY in to explain how they (the movie goers) would view the norm that was broken-Would they find it harmful or beneficial to society and why: ??**All questions MUST be answered**Please ask any questions you have. DO NOT ASSUME, Please!**I have answered a few of the questions (they are in bold)*****The other questions also need to be answered*******Please incorporate all answers into the essay****Purchase the answer to view it

750 Word Essay (body) Business And Society

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Computers And Society Paper-2 Pages

Computers And Society Paper-2 Pages
Write my research paperThis is the infographic that I chose to use for my paper: This comes from which is a much more expansive article on the Internet of things in healthcare. Make sure you scroll all the way down to see the entire article. It is not just an abstract. Write a 2–3 page paper that addresses the following points: What can you learn about your personal self from this chart? How does the chart help someone monitor, control, and access their health, medical conditions, and medical information? In what ways does your job (or future area of expertise/work) fit in with the structure shown in the chart? Can you predict trends or new developments in the healthcare industry from the infographic and what is already available? If you need more information, read the corresponding article or take a look at the entire slideshow. Remember to thoroughly explain your answers and support them with references from academic sources and/or examples from your job experiences. Format your assignment according to the following formatting requirements: Typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides. Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, your name, your professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page is not included in the required page length. Include a reference page. Citations and references must follow APA format. The reference page is not included in the required page length Purchase the answer to view itPurchase the answer to view itPurchase the answer to view itPurchase the answer to view it